Emerging Designer: Athomie

I’m pretty excited about Athomie, an Italian designer launching in the US market. Most jewelry is focused on visual beauty alone. Athomie is taking jewelry design into a new realm of tactile sensory experience.

Athomie jewelry

Athomie Jewelry

The jewelry pieces in the their three collections all incorporate small diamond-cut beads that spin 360 degrees in the settings with a patented technology. The result is a mesmerizing texture and movement that is almost meditative when you touch it.

Athomie White Cuff

Athomie Jewelry White Cuff.

Athomie Close Up

Athomie Jewelry close up of the beads in their patented settings.

I liked the piece that I tried on so much that I purchased it! It is a disk about an inch across with a “pave” of the glittering gold beads, suspended against a background that Athomie calls “chocolate,” a soft dark background for the bright gold beads. Everyone thought the beads were yellow diamonds based on their lively sparkle.

Athomie Jewelry Disc Pendant

Athomie Jewelry small pendant in chocolate and yellow finish, $198 retail.

The jewelry of Athomie is made of sterling silver that has been plated with lustrous 18kt gold in various finishes, from white to yellow to chocolate. Collecting a number of pieces is not out of the question: the line starts at $100 retail. Their patented technology of suspending the beads beautifully combines science with art. The collections span from simple disks and classic bangles to edgy ear cuffs. Their jewelry is interesting and textural without crossing the line into gimmicky.

Athomie Ear Cuff

Athomie Jewelry Ear Cuffs.

I’m impressed with Athomie’s first foray into the North American market. This Italian company is working in design collaboration with Stefano Russo, who has worked with Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Armani. You can find more information on their website here or contact Rebecca Moskal at Communique LA PR.

Athomie Jewelry Cuff Bracelet

Athomie Jewelry chocolate-finish cuff.

Athomie Jewelry Ring

Athomie Jewelry Ring in yellow.

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