A Visit to LuxeIntelligence

While I was in New York City recently for jewelry market week and the Women’s Jewelry Association Gala, I took the opportunity to drop by LuxeIntelligence.

Luxe Intelligence

Perfectly lovely showroom and meeting space for designers, retailers and editors at LuxeIntelligence.

LuxeIntelligence is a new endeavour from industry experts Andrea Hansen and Courtney Cohen, along with Vanessa Raptopoulos and communications expert Helena Krodel. Together, they are a dream team: a total package for luxury jewelry brands, offering brand and business development through a customized, tailored approach to competition assessment, pricing strategy, margin optimization and market positioning. From retail to wholesale to digital, they can analyze and strategize for their clients. They can do the heavy lifting so that their designers and retailers can focus on their creative ventures.

Jack Vartanian Serpent Ring Luxe Intelligence

Kind of an awesome serpent ring I tried on by Jack Vartanian, a jewelry designer that LuxeIntelligence represents.

Nicholas Liu Vertigo Earrings Luxe Intelligence

Vertigo earrings in gorgeous gold by Nicholas Liu at LuxeIntelligence.

I know Andrea Hansen mostly through Twitter (again, it’s the great connector), and am a little in awe of her accomplishments: wife, mother, president-elect of the Women’s Jewelry Association, and now (very busy) entrepreneur. In fact, at the recent WJA Awards for Excellence Gala, someone commented that they ask themselves, “What would Andrea do?” when confronting a confounding question (I’m trying this, too).

Yael Sonia at Luxe Intelligence

Some amazing geometric jewelry at LuxeIntelligence by Yael Sonia.

So, curious about Andrea’s new project, and–who are we kidding–wanting to ogle gorgeous jewels, I stopped by their shiny new showroom/office in midtown Manhattan. I was delighted to see Pamela Froman there, a CJDG member jewelry designer and friend in the industry. She had some new, thoroughly covetable things to see.

Pamela Froman Cuff Luxe Intelligence

A spectacular cuff by Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry. There is also a gold version, sort of yin to this one’s yang.

LuxeIntelligence represents about ten fine jewelry designers. Each designer is specific to a niche within the jewelry industry. This allows LuxeIntelligence to be comfortable speaking to the unique proposition that their designers can bring to a store. They want this to be a mutually beneficial partnership with retailers and designers: they introduce a line versus selling a line. Andrea thinks that is an important distinction. They are all about building the brand; building a sustainable and successful business.

Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry Pendant Luxe Intelligence

A new pendant by Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry at LuxeIntelligence.

Their showroom is a fitting foil for the jewelry designs they represent, reflecting the colors of precious metal, just like a jewelry setting. Platinum grey walls, touches of lustrous gold, and lots of light from the beautiful windows really enhances the experience.

Thanks Andrea, Courtney, Vanessa and Helena for an illuminating visit! You can learn more at their website at www.luxeintelligence.com.

Luxe Intelligence

LuxeIntelligence showcases several designers.

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