WWMW (What Would Monica Wear)? Jewelry Show Edition

A group of my friends sometimes ask WWMW (What Would Monica Wear)? I am incredibly flattered, with a healthy dose of blushing self-consciousness. For instance, when I recently went as a chaperone for a sleep away outdoor camp with 50 third graders, there was speculation about WWMW (answer: a black Pinback concert tee recently acquired at a live show and skinny jeans). So I thought it might be fun to do a post, however frivolous, about what I wore to the jewelry shows.

Friday: Power Pants

Friday was a long–but exciting–day involving numerous appointments with jewelry designers at the Couture Jewelry Show, and a full evening of fun industry parties, er, meetings. I had to go the oft-mentioned “day-to-night” outfit route, as I was going directly from the show to said meetings until midnight.

Here I am during the day at a blogger roundtable discussion about jewelry trends with (from left) Danielle from Gem Gossip, me, Beth Bernstein, Natalie from Jewels Du Jour, and Robyn from The Daily Jewel:

gem Gossip idazzle photo

Blogger roundtable discussion for InDesign Magazine. Photo courtesy of Gem Gossip.

…and here is the night version (sans Derek Lam jacket) worn at the Heather Moore Bridal Launch party, which was super fun, and had absolutely delicious cake (okay, cake was dinner). I’m with (from left) the amazing Heather Moore (sans her crutches, ask her to tell you about the motorcycle accident), the hilarious and beautiful Barbara Palumbo, and the talented and gorgeous Brittany Siminitz. I’m wearing Helmut Lang, and my new favorite A.L.C. printed pants that felt suspiciously like pajamas. Yes, I am 5 foot 11, and wearing 5+ inch St. heels.
Heather Moore, Barbara Palumbo, Brittany Siminitz, Monica Stephenson, idazzle

So much fun at Heather Moore’s Bridal Launch party!

Saturday: A Little Fierce

Saturday, I decided to go with black and gold jewelry by Vicente Agor at my neck and ears. The onyx in the pendant and the bold, polished gold stood up well to the graphic print of the Rachel Zoe dress I wore. Vicente life-is-too-short-to-be-frumpy Agor’s new “Swell” collection debuted at Couture, so this is a first look! Swell is based on Vertigo‘s Kim Novak –wearing Dior New Look –meets Henry Moore under the Golden Gate Bridge. I so wish those were my words, but they are from Vicente’s inspiration board for this collection. All I can say is that the scale, polish, and style of the jewelry was…perfect. Wearable, comfortable, but definitely sculptural.

This is a picture of me at the LoveGoldLive exhibit at Couture. Ironically, you can’t see the gold…

LoveGoldLive Monica Stephenson

LoveGold Photo Booth Snap.

I walked past a Chanel window everyday, and really, really wanted to try on THIS (WMWSWW: What Monica Wished She Was Wearing):

Chanel Wynn Las Vegas

Chanel Mesh Bolero Jacket and Pants.

And here is a great shot of my bracelet stack that day. From the top, it’s an 18kt gold bangle from Jemma Wynne (pretty much attached to me always), my Eddie Borgo cone bracelet from Fragments, a new Zaiken Jewelry bracelet with blackened silver chain and hexagonal chalcedony, and two Zaiken Jewelry hex bangles (the hex shapes reverse to a different design, adding to their versatility). A shout out to my nail guru, Tiffany, at Vixen, for my manicure staying perfect throughout the show!

Zaiken Jewelry Monica Stephenson Eddie Borgo

Jemma Wynne, Eddie Borgo, Zaiken Jewelry bracelets.

Saturday night I managed a quick change into a fierce (thanks, Malak) black leather dress by Armani for the Couture Design Awards. That’s not cleavage: it’s the black onyx and gold Swell necklace by Vicente I’m wearing. See? I told you it was good!

Monica Stephenson Leather Dress Vicente Agor Jewelry

That’s me in a leather dress, Vicente Agor Swell necklace and gold earrings.

Sunday: Black and Gold

Sunday morning, after some angst, I decided to wear a “shredded” Rick Owens shift dress with the Vicente Agor earrings and pendant, and the Zaiken Jewelry bracelet made a nice addition with the rest of my own jewelry.

Monica Stephenson Rick Owens Las Vegas Vicente Agor

Me in Rick Owens, with Vicente Agor and Zaiken Jewelry.

Rick Owens made the perfect foil for this spectacular Colette hand piece I modeled later. If anyone is asking, this definitely answers the question WWMW!

Colette Hand Body Jewelry Monica Stephenson

Colette Hand Jewelry inspired by Elephants in Africa. 4 pieces, and really very comfortable.

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