2013 Jewelry Trends: Body Jewelry, One-of-a-Kinds, Geometry, and Layers…

Fresh from the floor of the Couture Jewelry Show and JCK Show, here are the trends I documented:

Body Jewelry

I saw lots of jewelry that mantles the human form: wrapping around ears, spanning multiple fingers or draping other body parts.

Colette’s moment has arrived, and this spectacular piece was one of my favorites from the show.

Colette Steckel hand jewelry

Colette Steckel 4 piece jewelry design from her Elephant series inspired by 2 and a half months in Africa.

Jacquie Aiche designs possibly the sexiest jewelry I’ve witnessed, with delicate chains grazing the hollows of the body.

Jacquie Aiche Hand Jewelry

Jacquie Aiche Rose Gold Hand Chain with 7 diamonds.

I saw jewelry that challenged the perception of traditional earrings, like these from Wendy Yue.

Wendy Yue Diamond Bat Earcuffs

These Wendy Yue Diamond Bat Earcuffs wrap around the ear to adorn every part.

Fantastic Flora

Secret gardens with flamboyant blooms, night-blooming fluorescent gems, and undulating fauna. I even saw fairies…

Wendy Yue The Leaf Necklace

Wendy Yue Leaf Necklace.

Nikos Koulis was a new discovery for me at the show, I loved every piece that this Greek designer had to offer.

Nikos Koulis Paradise Room Ring

Nikos Koulis Paradise Room Articulated Ring.

Hue Queue

Indescribable colored gems, many that are one-of-a-kind in their size, shape or patterns.

Colette seeks out the exact pattern and shade of a particular gem to represent her vision of the finished work of art.

Colette Earrings

Colette Earrings.

Katey Brunini is a wonder and so is her jewelry. This one-of-a-kind Opal ring felt very at home on my finger.

K Brunini Opal Ring

Katey Brunini Opal Ring with 18kt gold layered over rhodium sterling silver with sapphire accents.

Not So Plane

Geometric perfection with precise planes was a welcome direction.

I met Couture Design Award-winner Lauren Harper at Couture, this piece literally stopped me in my tracks.

Lauren Harper Kryptonite Chrysoprase Pendant

Lauren Harper Kryptonite Chrysoprase Pendant.

Naomi Blumenthal is truly a Rising Star, someone after my own heart with matchless details thought through in jewelry patterned after inspiration like fossilized microscopic sea creatures.

Naomi Blumenthal Bracelet

Naomi Blumenthal Space Frame Bracelet in gold.


Rarefied strata of layers and levels, both in terms of metals layered over each other, translucent gemstones set over textured backgrounds, as well as tiers of jewelry on fingers, wrists and arms.

I met the design trio behind G&G Creations, and their work was like nothing else I’ve seen. They are also the best huggers in the industry (verified).

G and G Love Heart Collection

G & G Creations Love Collection in sterling silver and 18kt gold with gemstones.

Malak Atut of Zaiken melds organic and sharp, translucent and opaque in her overlayed Hex series.

Zaiken Hex Stud Earrings

Zaiken Hex Earrings, with a layer of faceted gemstone over a textured gold background.

This was Zaffiro’s first time at the show, and I loved having a glimpse into their intricate, textured world.

Zaffiro Coral Bells Pin

Zaffiro Coral Bells Pin in 22kt gold.

Unless you have been to a jewelry trade show, there is really no way to convey the effect of seeing acres of ballrooms filled with sparkle of unprecedented workmanship and design. I couldn’t possibly see everything, and I’m trying not to fixate on the designers I didn’t get to visit. I was also so dazzled by the jewelry and genius designers that I didn’t always get the photo, or Vine, or (fill in the social media blank) I wanted. Next year, I need an assistant. Who’s with me?

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