It Takes a Village: Designing Moms

I recently had the privilege of speaking to some amazing moms who also happen to be very talented jewelry designers. Since I regularly have meltdowns related to balancing work and my family, it was with particular interest that I interviewed these moms, all at different stages in their business and families.


SYNA ring in 18kt with cognac diamonds.

It’s a pretty impressive group of women: So Young Park, Jessica Fields, Jennifer Dawes, Belle Brooke Barer, Namrata Kothari, Hillary Randolph, Heather Moore, Malak Atut, Jane Bohan, Marie Somos. All have completely different aesthetics, yet there is something that unites them all as moms. The sense of being divided between our interests and our children, the fact that lessons learned in one sphere can impact the other, and the fact that we all need a little help now and then to pull it all off. Oh, there might be some guilt there, too.

You can read the full article at I hope you do.

Our partners help make it all possible. And our communities of women, other moms who lend their wisdom, and their support. The laughter and a glass of wine now and then don’t hurt, either.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

Belle Brooke Barer Earrings

Belle Brooke Barer Cielo Long Leaf Earrings.

So Young Park Dreaming Tree

So Young Park Dreaming Tree.

Heather Moore Rings

Heather Moore Personalized Rings.

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