A Visit to Lost Wax Studio in NYC

While in New York City recently for the Women’s Jewelry Association In The Know conference, I paid a visit to an interesting store in Nolita. Lost Wax Studio is an innovative approach to retail that you should drop by if you have a chance.

Aroc Urtu Rings

Aroc Urtu Rings, available at Lost Wax Studio, NYC.

In a charming storefront at 171 Elizabeth Street, you can often find one of the three owners–Tam Tran, Yuval Alexander, or Christine McKee–available to take you through a little guided tour. The curated jewelry on display is mostly handmade, and locally sourced. With designers such as Aroc Urtu–a favorite of mine, profiled here–and quite a few others, I found the jewelry to be beautifully made and very reasonable.

Thin Cuff Bracelet

Thin anticlastic cuff bracelets with gemstones in 18kt vermeil or silver, $395 retail, at Lost Wax Studio.

Warm and welcoming, the space is not about traditional jewelry cases. They have a variety of displays encouraging exploration and play.

Lost Wax Shell Earrings

Natural Shell Earrings in 18kt and 22kt gold, handmade for Lost Wax Studio, $795 retail.

The really interesting thing is that Lost Wax (the term is a play on jewelry casting terminology) offers workshops where customers can make beautiful, on-trend jewelry. For less than the cost of a designer wrap bracelet, you can learn to make your own, and custom make it to your aesthetic! The old static approach to retail is changing, and innovative retailers such as Lost Wax are evolving to satisfy people’s needs to connect and engage, not just passively shop.

Aroc Urtu Lost Wax Earrings and Ring

Aroc Urtu Turquoise Earrings and Ring at Lost Wax Studio.

This is a great place for discovery of interesting, handmade jewels crafted close by in New York City. Stop in to play, or to make something. You might find you learn something about yourself in the process.

Lost Wax Studio, 171 Elizabeth Street, NYC 10012 (between Spring + Kenmare), 646.485.1117 phone, or visit www.lostwaxstudio.com.

Lost Wax Brass Cuff

Lost Wax Wide Brass Cuff, in matte finish with hammered edges, handmade in Lost Wax Studio, $75 retail.

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