Grammy Jewelry: Shamila Jiwa Earrings

I had the pleasure of helping a friend select a pair of earrings to wear to the Grammy Awards on February 10, 2013. I love projects like this. After looking at various options, she selected this pair of Shamila Jiwa carved rock crystal quartz earrings in 18kt gold. (Does that name sound familiar? I profiled Shamila in 2012 after she won a prestigious design award.)

Shamila Jiwa Earrings

Shamila Jiwa Minaret Carved Signature Lale Earrings in Rock Crystal Quartz with diamond accents.

The earrings had presence and sparkle, and were the perfect complement to her black lace Dolce & Gabbana gown. Here’s a close-up of the intricate carving and faceting that are responsible for their brilliance.

Shamila Jiwa Earrings

Intricately carved and faceted rock crystal quartz gems in Shamila Jiwa earrings.

The designer Shamila, a globe-trotting “gem sleuth”, has a knack for selecting gems that are truly stunning. It’s nice to know that an independent designer’s earrings made it to the Grammys!

You can find Shamila’s designs at fine ateliers around the country, or visit her website here, or Facebook page here.

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