Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas: Estate of Grace Jewelry

I read that something like 35-40% of women would like to receive jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Of course, who wouldn’t want to get jewelry for ANY occasion? I always think that something highly personal is the best gift, regardless of what the actual item is. If you can combine deeply sentimental + jewelry, that might be an unstoppable arrangement.

I just learned of a jewelry launch that does sentimental in a truly beautiful way. Beth Bernstein, who wrote My Charmed Life, has debuted her Estate of Grace collection of fine jewelry that re-imagines antique Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco stick pins into new designs with a modern design twist.

Estate of Grace Snake Pendant

Estate of Grace 14kt Snake Pendant, representing Eternal Love, on sterling silver chain with seed pearls that complement pearls in pendant.

Beth, as she details with wit and emotion in her book, really believes in the power of jewelry’s emotional impact and connections. In this jewelry collection, lovely vignettes from the past are styled for women who are strong yet not afraid to be a little vulnerable; thoroughly present but thoughtful about the past, too. Engaging motifs from the past–serpents, arrows, crescent moons–are combined with on-trend blackened silver chains, colored diamonds, even secret, hidden details to make a fresh piece, ready to create a new history as unique as the woman who will ultimately wear it. Each one-of-a-kind jewel has a past, present and future to tell.

Estate of Grace pendants could convince anyone that history and sentiment indeed make the best gifts.

Estate of Grace Double Heart Pendant

Estate of Grace 14kt Double Heart Pendant with small pearls on oxidized silver chain.

Available at Greenwich Jewelers in NYC; Zavor and Mor in Berkeley, CA; Gallery of Jewels in San Francisco, CA; Lee Krombholz in Cincinnati, OH; Ylang Ylang in St. Louis, MO; and Palas Jewelers in Atlanta, GA.

Estate of Grace Edwardian Seed Pearl Pendant

Estate of Grace 14kt Edwardian Seed Pearl Circle Pendant with diamond flower accents.

Estate of Grace Honeymoon Pendant

Estate of Grace 14kt Honeymoon Pendant with diamond accents on clasp.

Estate of Grace Love Knot Pendant

Estate of Grace 14kt Love Knot Pendant with Opal on oxidized silver chain.

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