Welcome New Year: Lucky (20)13

Happy New Year! While I don’t necessarily love all the recapping-ad-nauseam, compulsive-list-compiling, and (probably) fruitless-resolution-drafting that accompany the end of one year and start of the next, there IS something nice about a shiny clean slate.

Sutra Emerald Earrings

I will be busy finding the most beautiful and interesting examples of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013: Emerald Green.

Since my own last year’s resolution, involving daily green smoothies* and lots of yoga, actually became a way of life (and wine consumption is supposed to be reasonably good for you. Right? Right??), I can turn my attention to more cerebral and introspective things this year.

There are some amazing things on the horizon in 2013. I’m working on more conversations with inspiring jewelry designers, and more interesting articles in my capacity as Editor of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group’s website. My theme for this year is CREATE. Create words, content, stories; and create something even more tangible by later this year.

Some cultures–the Mayans, famously–were convinced that 2012 was the end of something. Since the world didn’t end, maybe this year is truly a new beginning. My sister-in-law thinks 2013 is the start of a new way of thinking, an era of collaboration and cooperation.

I really want her to be right.

Alexandra Mor Amethyst Ring

Amethyst Ring from my profile of Alexandra Mor in 2012.

Katey Brunini Spirit Animal

A Spirit Animal from Katey Brunini’s collection and conversation in 2012.

Todd Reed Cuff

A beautiful cuff from Todd Reed from our interview in 2012.

*Monica’s Green Smoothie

2 cups of water
About 2 cups of packed dark greens, like spinach, kale, chard, lacinato kale.
If I’m short on time, I use Organic Girl’s POW Super Greens mix.
About 2 scoops of whey protein powder
1 teaspoon of a probiotic
About a teaspoon of olive oil, could also use some avocado
(increases satiety, and it helps you absorb Vitamin D, if you take a supplement. Since I live in the light-deprived Pacific Northwest, I take Vitamin D for my health and sanity)
1/2 to 1 cup of fresh fruit, whatever is in season: berries if possible, but half a pear or apple will work (I hate bananas but you can use if you like)
1+ cup of frozen fruit, usually berries for their antioxidants, or mangos or peaches
Sweetener like honey or agave nectar if you need it, but I don’t usually add it

Put everything into a Vitamix* blender and use their smoothie setting. This makes enough to use for breakfast and lunch, or for two mornings, just refrigerate and re-blend a little before serving again. It will likely be somewhere between green and brown in color, depending on the fruit, but I think it tastes really good. Save yourself the disparaging comments from others and put it into an opaque travel mug (you can be smug knowing you’re doing something great for yourself).

*Don’t underestimate the blender importance. I resisted buying a Vitamix for a long time due to aesthetics–I thought they were hideous. But I wore out my handsome Breville blender, and when I broke down and bought the Vitamix, I realized I had been unnecessarily chewing my smoothies. I don’t recommend chunky smoothies: an oxymoron that is hard to swallow, literally.

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