Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Syna Jewels

Syna means “together”, and the designers of the Syna jewelry line perfectly embody that word. Dharmesh and Namrata Kothari are the principal designers of the line—and they are also married. “Together” could also apply to the value they place on relationships with their retail partners, jewelry craftspeople, and their collector consumers. Together, the two are always seeking–and finding–the best in gemstones and classically simple, wearable design.

Syna bracelets

Syna 18kt Gold Baubles Stacking Bracelets.

Speaking to them on a recent trip to New York City, I could sense their deep commitment and belief in their business, family, and the jewelry industry. In 2003, Dharmesh and Namrata arrived in the US with a family background in precious gemstones in their native India, looking to create a fine jewelry line. Their daughter, Diva, whose name means “lamp of hope” was born just 4 days after their arrival in this country. They felt blessed and lucky to begin their adventure. A few years later, fearing they would have to go back to India, their green card arrived the same day that their second daughter, Nysa, (meaning “new beginning”) was born. Things happen for a reason, and they were meant to stay and continue with Syna.

Syna necklace

Syna 18kt Carved Amethyst Lantern Pendant with Rubellite Cabochon Cap.

All of Syna’s jewelry is beautifully and proudly made in the United States. Since everything began and always comes back to the gems, their overall aesthetic incorporates vibrant, almost candy-colored gemstones in exhilarating combinations. Their Lantern collection, elegant and versatile, features hand-carved gems capped with contrasting gemstones. Mogul features drops and perfectly on-trend tassles with polished gems. They are simple statement pieces on their own, but are positively luxurious layered. The Baubles collection is made up of round cabochon gems that appear lit from within, and are meant to stack and layer. Paris incorporates slightly more organically shaped gems, linked and articulated in fascinating shapes.

Syna Rings

Syna 18kt Gold Baubles Stacking Rings.

Syna Jewels Interview

Speaking to them over coffee, I loved learning more about this very connected couple and their jewelry. This is an excerpt from the full interview, which you can read here at, a website of fantastic independent jewelers where Syna is a member, and I am an Editor.
Being a duo, who does what in the design process?
Namrata and Dharmesh Kothari: Dharmesh is form, I am function! He often comes up with new design ideas, and I make sure that they will be comfortable. Because we are a couple, design and iteration happen 24/7!

Syna earrings

Syna 18kt Gold Mogul Lemon Quartz Drop Earrings with Diamonds.

I can see that is working for you! The gems are clearly at the heart of the beauty of the designs. How do you find such amazing gemstones?
We source the rough and have it cut in our family’s lapidary. This gives us ultimate control over the finished gems. It all started with a couple of the finest jewelry houses in the world, we provided their stones, and there is no compromising on the quality that they will accept. That same quality translates to our own creations.

Syna necklace

Syna 18kt Gold Lantern Graduated Carved Amethyst Pendant.

What defines Syna?
We think it is all about keeping it simple. Classic simplicity is the ultimate fashion: something you can wear everyday, but absolutely beautiful quality. Syna is also generational, with a family investment in craftsmanship as well as aesthetic.

Syna bracelet

Syna 18kt Gold Baubles Reversible Bracelet with Black and Champagne Diamond Pave.

What’s next for Syna?

We like to take things slow and steady. We have had a new cut developed, with a vintage feel. The quality of the stones is amazing, but different than what you’ve seen from us before. It stays true to our aesthetic, but takes it in a slightly different direction.
We believe in destiny, and have been blessed with our opportunity. Everything happens for a reason, and things fell into place for us. We believe that good intentions result in great things.

Thank you so much, Namrata and Dharmesh, for sharing your thoughts and your jewelry! You can find their designs and contact them through their website, on Facebook, and find their designs at fine retailers across the country.

Syna mogul pendants

Syna 18kt Gold Mogul Drops on Cords, Layered.

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