Jewelry Designer Spotlight: K. Brunini Jewels

I mentioned the fabulous Katey Brunini of K. Brunini Jewels in an idazzle obsession for engagement rings featuring colored gemstones. Now you need a full look into her world.

Katey Brunini Ring

Katey Brunini Ring

Katey’s designs are sculptural and tactile, something you want to (have to) touch. Her juxtapositions are powerful: she combines 18 karat gold with rare gemstones and intricately-carved moose antler, bone, jet and wood. A sense of playfulness often contrasts with something fierce, like her dusky octopus pendant who wears a string of pearls. You can literally gird yourself in her Body Armor.

Katey Brunini Octopus Pendant

Katey Brunini Octopus Pendant.

Katey has been designing jewelry since 1998, and her collections have evolved from her experience as a traveler and student of the world. She discovered gold–actually the enduring nature of precious metals–while on a trip to Egypt, and later studied ancient metal techniques with master goldsmiths in Sicily. Her art history education combined with her hands-on tutelage at GIA and apprenticeships all merged into her own powerful aesthetic, made with painstaking execution by a small team of artists in her San Diego studio.

Katey Brunini Bracelet

Katey Brunini Body Armor Cuffs.

Her new “Shapes of Strength” alternative bridal collection is the pure progression of her previous collections. Sinuous, sculptural bands from her Twig collection. Twisting double helix settings from DNA. Intricately articulated Vertebrae bands. The most arresting feature, though, has to be the COLOR. Gemstones in unexpected hues and arresting combinations literally take your breath away. Much like one size does not fit all, one gem or limited style of settings does not fit all brides. By choosing color, and endless variations of combinations, couples can choose a ring that reflects their true spirit.

Katey Brunini Rings

Katey Brunini Alternative Bridal Rings.

Katey Brunini Interview

I caught up with Katey recently and had a chance to discuss her new collections, the truth about antlers, and the possibilities of Hope. This is an excerpt from the full interview, which you can read here at, a website of fantastic independent jewelers where Katey Brunini is a member, and I am an Editor. What was it about jewelry that originally captured your interest as a medium to work with?

Katey Brunini: A visit to Egypt in 1992, and the Cairo Museum jewelry collection blew my mind.

Katey Brunini Opal Ring

Katey Brunini Opal Ring.

Your work is very sculptural, with a tactile quality. What is it about the scale of jewelry that you find rewarding? Challenging?
Katey Brunini: The undulations of the human body are both rewarding and challenging (not to mention the psyche). I work with the form of the body………the material is secondary.

When you are designing a piece of jewelry, do you have an image in mind of the person who might wear it?

A goddess.

To see the full interview with Katey, go to and read more about her journey. Thank you, Katey! The graceful and ferocious goddess in all of us wants a piece of your work!

You can contact Katey and her staff at K. Brunini Jewels, Facebook, and follow them on Pinterest, or Twitter.

Katey Brunini Necklace

Katey Brunini Necklace.

Katey Brunini Rings

Katey Brunini Alternative Twig Bridal Rings.

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