Obsession: K. Brunini Rings, The Color of Hope

This week, I was thinking of Katey Brunini’s gorgeous color rings for brides that want an alternative to diamonds. I met Katey at the Couture Show in June, and got to ogle her new collections. The colors themselves are luscious, the combinations of gemstones audacious, and the settings are exquisite renditions of her signature collections, which look cast from nature in recycled precious metals.

Katey Brunini Rings

Katey Brunini Alternative Bridal rings in yellow gold with precious gems.

Katey’s art and her life are as intertwined as one of her Twig jewelry designs. This Sunday, September 23rd, Katey is being honored as the Ambassador of Hope for the Taste of Hope event, celebrating her as an inspiration and example for raising awareness in the fight against cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Katey has made hope a mantra and given it literal form in her jewelry, like her Spirit Animals collection. She is truly an inspiration about how art can heal, and give something inanimate real meaning. Congratulations, Katey!

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