Review of Beth Bernstein “My Charmed Life” and Book Signing Party at Greenwich Jewelers

I mentioned Beth Bernstein and her new book “My Charmed Life: Rocky Romances, Precious Family Connections, and Searching For A Band of Gold”” a couple of weeks ago. There is another opportunity to meet Beth and hear her speak: one of my favorite retailers, Greenwich Jewelers in downtown NYC, is hosting an event to celebrate with Beth Bernstein this Wednesday, July 25th from 6 to 8pm at their store located at 64 Trinity Place, New York, NY 10006.

Beth Bernstein Greenwich Jewelers

Go meet Beth Bernstein, author of My Charmed Life at Greenwich Jewelers on July 25th from 6-8pm!

There will be wine, sweets, and stories with Beth. There is even a “Charmed” gumball machine, where you have a chance to win a gorgeous diamond charm designed especially for the event! You can visit Greenwich Jewelers Events page to RSVP or get more information.

Beth Bernstein

One of the jewelry pieces referenced in My Charmed Life, the engagement Art Deco watch given by Beth’s father to her mother.

“My Charmed Life” is a delightful illustration of her life as seen through the lens of her jewelry box. Beth is a stylist, designer, writer and editor whose career has focused on jewelry, so I certainly found her stories relatable. Through her skillful vignettes, anyone can appreciate how brilliantly jewelry can represent life, love, loss and family.

Beth Bernstein My Charmed Life

A collection of travel talismans collected by Beth over the years, mostly gifts from friends and designers.

From the poignant account of a ziplock bag holding the jewelry her mother was wearing when she died unexpectedly, to laugh-out-loud funny anecdotes about her romantic escapades, I admire Beth’s fearless honesty as she tells her story. Jewelry has the power to connect us through its enduring sentiment. Beth’s niece Sammie illustrates this in a chapter about the personal style and jewelry of several generations of women in their family, when she states “it represents that we are all part of one another and always will be.”

Please go read “My Charmed Life“, and if you’re in New York this week, go to Greenwich Jewelers to meet Beth and hear her stories!

Beth Bernstein

Beth Bernstein, Author of My Charmed Life.

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