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Fragments, the trend-setting retailer and jewelry showroom in New York City, just unveiled their brand, shiny new website this week at I have spent some time on the site this week, and thought I would give you a Jewelry Insider’s take on the site and their offerings. Home Page Home Page.

From the index page on, wants to redefine the online jewelry retail experience. And for the most part, it does just that. The whole look and feel of the site reflects their position in the marketplace: very on-trend jewelry by limited production designers in an innovative, interactive environment. Frankly, I haven’t yet seen a website that captures the spirit of having fun with jewelry, or telling a fashionable and personal story about jewelry, quite like this. website

Shop by What’s New for brand new offerings on–some are Fragment’s exclusives from the designers.

The site is both educational and entertaining. The customer is going to be interested in where the jewelry comes from: the studio, personality, and inspiration of the jewelry designer who created it. As you know, I’m all about telling their stories, and Fragments does a great job of surfacing bios on the artists right when you search or browse for them. I especially like the juicy bits, like their answers to “Guilty Pleasures”–sometimes the little things are most revealing about personalities. There’s lots of fashion, trend, and art editorial under the left tab of “Fragments Culture” which perfectly reflects Fragment’s position as arbiter of trends at the center of the fashion universe, NYC.

Fragments website

Designer landing page for Kismet showing bio, photos, and her jewelry collection.

For education, there’s plenty of information on the site. I am a big believer in giving as much information to shoppers as possible, and often felt like the previous site was a little light on the description for the detail pages. Now, information about the gemstones and metal type are under “Details and Fit”, and you can get ideas about how and where to wear it under the “Stylist Notes” tab, as well as consumer reviews, which will flesh out as the site matures. (Note: my exclusive Insider at Fragments tells me that carat weights are coming.)

One of my biggest raves? ALL, and I mean EVERY piece that they have up on the site has a shot ON A MODEL. Finally, you can see scale and what a piece of jewelry will look like on a wrist, neck, ear or finger! This doesn’t sound like it should be earth-shattering, right? But up til now, very few sites did it for every piece of jewelry! There is gorgeous, drool-worthy photography throughout the whole site.

Fragments jewelry detail pages show a scale photo on a model for every piece of jewelry, in addition to the technical specs, stylist notes, reviews, and more. You can see exactly how this gorgeous Dana Kellin bracelet fits!

Of course, although I know the site had to be a huge team effort, it reflects the vision of Fragment’s founder, Janet Goldman. The culture of Fragments is based in large part on Janet’s vision of making jewelry an essential, but fun, part of women’s lives. What I love about the site is that each shopper gets a little bit of the experience of having Janet edit your jewelry wardrobe and maybe help guide what you should collect. Check out Janet’s blog, personal picks, Jewelry Box and her Art World tabs for more insight into her world and inspiration.

Fragments Jewelry

A beautifully presented collection of Fragments founder Janet Goldman’s personal picks for building a jewelry wardrobe in Janet’s Jewelry Box.

You can shop by type of jewelry, what’s new, and by designer. I don’t think all of their roster of designers are represented at press time, but they are adding more each day. The site goes a long ways to making customers feel comfortable with a jewelry purchase online, and if you need more hand-holding, they have personal shoppers available to answer your questions. So what are you waiting for?! Go shop!

Fragments jewelry

An example of the amazing photography throughout the site, this one showing a collection of exquisite designer rings.

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