One Perfect Piece: How to Accessorize with Jewelry

With the unseasonably warm weather of Seattle lately, I have been dressing in fresh, spring colors and textures the last few days. What is interesting is that friends–and total strangers–have been commenting about how much they like my outfit(s). I’m pretty sure I know what is prompting these head-turning compliments. The glow of good health and happiness? My naturally buoyant outlook? No. I think it’s my necklace.

Gerard Yosca necklace

The necklace in question, by Gerard Yosca.

I picked up a lovely piece of Gerard Yosca while on my recent trip to New York City (thanks, Gerard!). And it’s getting all the love. With coral, pale turquoise, and faceted aventurine green, it surprisingly goes with almost everything I’m wearing these days.

Gerard Yosca Necklace

The colors and length of the necklace go with everything I am wearing for Spring/Summer 2012.

I’m not bitter. In fact, it is a good reminder for me of the power of jewelry to transform. Jewelry can elevate, not just your outfit, but your SPIRIT. One piece, carefully chosen or just thrown on, can make your day. Jewelry given as a gift, or received, can change your attitude. Jewelry is emotional, personal, significant, meaningful.

If this sounds frivolous, forgive me, but I think you should try it.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry right now? What makes you happy?

(Of course, if you really like my necklace, I can ask Gerard Yosca about the exact one (contact me: monica at idazzle dot com), or see a nice selection of current items from favorite retailers Charm & Chain and Greenwich Jewelers.)

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