Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Sara Weinstock

Renewal, courage, blessings, journey, peace, faith, beauty…these are just a few of the inspirations behind jewelry designer Sara Weinstock’s collection. Deeply internalized, and then outwardly represented, Sara manages to weave these ancient universal themes into her jewelry in a modern and eloquent way. You can really feel her sense of discovery in each piece, which are handmade in Los Angeles using precious metals and gemstones.

Sara Weinstock Dragonfly Pendant

Sara Weinstock Black Dragonfly Pendant.

About Sara Weinstock

With a natural birthright as the daughter of artist Marilyn Peery, Sara was allowed to fully pursue creativity in life. This path led to launching her first fine jewelry collection in 2008. Sara has created a meaningful lexicon with symbols she assigns to universal themes and incorporates into the jewelry: the lotus represents new beginnings, the dragonfly is renewal, the cross is faith, the snake as protection. These symbols become a language unto its own in her collections. They also resonate with many women: Mrs. Obama is a fan, and has been spotted in Sara’s designs.

Sara is also a writer, contributing to Huffington Post about life, love, and work that you can be passionate about.

Sara Weinstock Emerald and Opal Earrings

Sara Weinstock Emerald and Opal Chandelier Earrings, $14,950 Retail.

Sara Weinstock Jewelry

The current collections of Sara Weinstock represent the culmination of her experiences to date. Universal Love uses many of her symbols as charms or talismans, combined with other multicultural motifs representing a collective spirit of love. The results are pieces that make a statement about the wearer who is willing to put their heart out there. Black and Gold Nugget incorporates her symbols and themes into organic expressions in contrasting black and her special gold. Silhouette is the most refined collection, with graceful outlines traced in pave diamonds and black and yellow gold. In all of her jewelry, there is symmetry plus some artful organic form–sometimes in the same piece. This makes sense when you look at her inspiration of Nature, and the precise and ambiguous that exists in tandem.

Sara Weinstock Ring

Sara Weinstock Faceted Ring in Black and Yellow Gold.

Sara Weinstock Interview What were you doing with your life before you launched your jewelry collection in 2008?
Sara Weinstock: I am blessed with two gorgeous children that I am extremely proud of. I had so much joy being the carpool/field trip/hot lunch MOM. Raising them and being a stay at home mother was the most special gift we were all fortunate enough to receive.

I worked locally in Malibu with another established designer part-time as my kids were getting older while attending G.I.A. Unbeknownst to me my love for the business was developing and my future years being groomed for what was to lie ahead.

Sara Weinstock Cuff Bracelet

Sara Weinstock Glace Cuff Bracelet in black and yellow gold.

What moved you to pursue jewelry design in particular?
I love to create. My mind never stops. When I walk into a room I am always aware of my surroundings and what life has presented to inspire something beautiful. Jewelry was a natural progression as I have always loved estate jewelry. When I was young I would look forward to the times my Aunts would visit and bring their traveling jewelry pouches. I would sit on the floor at their feet and lay everything out and dream.

How did you come up with the jewelry symbols for your themes?
This was a natural unforced evolution. I was in my home in Tahoe making a life change to become a single woman. This was a very difficult decision to make and I found strength in each motif that came to me. I was looking for something that would resonate for what I needed most, whether it be courage, freedom, loving one self, faith, protection. With each symbol came inner strength to carry on my journey. I receive wonderful letters from other women who say my jewelry speaks to them; this is the highest compliment I could receive.

Sara Weinstock Hamsa Pendant

Sara Weinstock Black and Yellow Gold Hamsa Pendant.

Where are your designs made, and what makes your gold such a special finish and color(s)?
All of my pieces are hand made in Los Angeles. We have worked to create a special alloy mix that is our signature, I am afraid I can’t share our secret. I will however, give you a little teaser: it is based on Panch Dhuttu (5 metal) from Vedic scriptures.

Aha! It is particularly distinctive. Tell me about the origins of your “Universal Love” collection.
I launched my company in Nov. 08 just as the world was in such pain. I knew that if we were going to gain strength and get back on our feet we needed to come together as one. There is a representation from different religions and cultures living harmoniously in my collection. May we continue to strive as a nation to find love and compassion for one another, so that we may too live in harmony.

Sara Weinstock Earrings

Sarah Weinstock Chandelier Earrings.

Do you ever pinch yourself that you are meeting with Editors of the biggest fashion magazines, and getting such great Press?
It is truly exciting. I was just in New York with my publicist and we had our town car and a case full of jewelry running from one top magazine to another with meeting on the hour every hour for 3 days straight. I believe we saw something like 22 magazines. It was rather unreal. In fact I said to my publicist at one point “pinch me, I feel like I am in an episode of Sex and the City.” It was somewhat of an out-of-body experience, but that could be because I was light headed–we never had time for lunch.

Do you have any advice for new designers just starting out?
Stay true to yourself. If you try and give people what they want you will always be chasing the carrot. Believe in your talent, work hard with sacrifice and don’t give up. Be a trend setter not follower. It is rewarding and fulfilling as a career and you work in an industry with some of the most colorful, creative and interesting people.

Sara Weinstock Earrings

Sara Weinstock Chandelier Earrings.

Your jewelry is highly personal. Any advice on how to approach the collection, to find a favorite piece that speaks just to the wearer?
I feel that my collection has many pieces that will speak to the same person depending on her mood. I am a Gemini so I change my jewelry often, sometimes in the same day. Fortunately I have a big jewelry box now, I think bigger than my Aunts.

What is the most exciting thing happening in your life and jewelry in 2012?
My travel always keeps me excited. I work with some of the best stores in the world in the most beautiful cities. My new collection that I am launching at Couture is largely inspired by my travels to Paris. I am captivated by the beautiful architecture and French balconies. A big part of my life is my jewelry so the answer becomes one.

Sara Weinstock Ring

Sara Weinstock Peace Ring.

I can’t wait to see her new collection at the Couture Jewelry Show! If you read Sara’s blog, she seem to find spiritual connections in the universe that some of us are oblivious to. It might be this sensitivity that allows her to speak through her jewelry so eloquently. Whatever it is, just keep speaking to us, Sara!

You can find Sara’s amazing jewels on her website and at Barney’s New York. She is also represented at a number of ateliers worldwide, you can visit her stockists page on her website here. You can follow her adventures through her blog here, or keep up with her latest news by Liking her Facebook page here. I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more!

Sara Weinstock

The lovely artist herself, Sara Weinstock.

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