Close-Up: Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

We were all a little surprised by the unveiling of Angelina’s engagement ring from Brad Pitt. Not so much the sentiment, but the timing. The ring is quite lovely, befitting the couple’s status of Hollywood Royalty.

Designed by Brad Pitt in collaboration with Robert Procop, the ring took about a year to design and make. It features a center Emerald-cut diamond that appears to be slightly elongated from a traditional Emerald-cut proportion, as it was custom cut specifically for Angelina’s finger. Step-cut side stones are set into platinum channels on either side, and are perfectly graduated in size as they travel down the band.

Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring Robert Procop

Angelina Jolie engagement ring designed by Brad Pitt in collaboration with Robert Procop, photo credit Howard Pasamanick.

Emerald-cut Rings Similar to Angelina Jolie’s Ring

Just off the workbench at custom atelier Leon Mege is this center Emerald-cut ring with tapered side stones.

Leon Mege Emerald Cut Ring

Leon Mege Emerald-cut ring with tapered trapezoid and bullet shapes in platinum, $16,000 Retail.

Also from Leon Mege, this design features an Emerald-cut center with graduated French-cuts down the sides.

Leon Mege Emerald Cut and French Cut Ring

Leon Mege Ring with center Emerald-cut diamond and tapered French-cuts in Platinum.

This ring by Michael M. has a similar aesthetic to Angelina’s ring with a center Emerald-cut and gradually tapering Emerald-cut side diamonds set about three quarters of the way around the band.

Michael M Emerald Cut ring

Michael M Emerald Cut Ring Design F187.

Gemvara, the site that lets you easily design your own custom creation, has this Evelyn design ready for your personal touch. Graduated Emerald-cut stones complement the center, and you can choose from 17 different gemstones and 9 different metals to make it your own.

Gemvara Evelyn Ring

Gemvara Evelyn Ring, available in 17 gemstones and 9 metals, $1195 Retail for rock crystal in sterling silver.

It’s hard to beat Kwiat for classic diamond jewelry, and this ring with 3 stones communicates perfect proportioning.

Kwiat Emerald Cut Ring

Kwiat engagement ring with center Emerald-cut diamond and 2 Trapezoid-cut diamonds on side.

Some might call Daniel K the King of Emerald Cuts. The ring channels Angelina’s with baguette-cuts down the side in platinum.

Daniel K Emerald Cut Ring

Daniel K Emerald-cut ring with graduated baguettes channel set side stones.

So what do you think of Angelina’s ring? Would you love an Emerald-cut ring?

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