Need a Pop of Color for Spring? Try These Affordable Jewelry Ideas

I know that some of you are having Spring-like weather this week (I’m trying not to hate you too much), but it’s pretty gloomy in the Pacific Northwest. Lovely florals, neons, and bright clothing are flooding my inbox, but boots and parkas are still the reality. I decided that I need a jewelry pick-me-up that I can wear now, STAT.

Choices, Choices

Here are a few items on the list.

From NYC designer Shawn Warren, I am really liking her latest wrap bracelets in neon colors. I have seen these in person: they coil smoothly and the magnetic clasps are secure and SO easy to do yourself. Love the chunkier chains and more dramatic silhouettes. These are wrap bracelets for discerning grown-ups.

Shawn Warren Blue Wrap Bracelet

Shawn Warren Victoria Capri Bracelet in blue leather with gunmetal and silver chain, $275.

I’m feeling the neon yellow.

Shawn Warren wrap bracelet

Shawn Warren Victoria Capri wrap bracelet in neon yellow leather and metal chain, $275.

These are great, a single piece band with a snap closure, any of the colors/metal combinations are totally on trend.

Shawn Warren Bracelets

Shawn Warren Victoria single bracelet, neon yellow, coral or blue leather woven with two-tone metal, $225 each.

New from my go-to source for fashion jewelry BaubleBar, these bracelets have the right Spring vibe, with vibrant metals or bright enamel. BaubleBar has wholeheartedly embraced the bright jewelry trend, and there are many more options on their website.

Bauble Bar Coral Bracelet

BaubleBar Coral Rope Cuff in enamel, lucite and gold plated metal, $52.

Bauble Bar DKNY Bracelet

BaubleBar + DKNY Collaboration trio of bracelets, $162 for the set.

From the King of Costume, Gerard Yosca, these just-finished enamels are particularly brilliant.

Gerard Yosca Bracelet

Gerard Yosca Bracelets in enamel, semi precious stones, and Swarovski crystals, $98 each.

So, what do you think I should add to my wardrobe? Does anyone else need a Spring pop? If you love any of these, let me know and I will put you in touch with the right parties.

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