Michelle Obama Wears Suzanna Dai from Fragments Jewelry

Have you been craving your own Red Carpet-worthy jewelry? I love to see glamorous jewelry in an approachable price point, since most of us don’t have Harry Winston handing out million-dollar trinkets for us to borrow.

So imagine my delight when I found out that Michelle Obama, the ultimate celebrity in my book, wore these gorgeous earrings by Suzanna Dai last night to a Veteran’s Dinner at the White House? They are refined, articulate, and noticeable all at the same time. The best part? Although they look like the cost tens of thousands, they sell for $225!

That means we can all afford a little beauty in our lives.

Available from Fragments Jewelry, call 212.334.9588 for more information.

Michelle Obama at Veteran's Dinner

Michelle Obama in Suzanna Dai Earrings at the White House, retail $225, contact Fragments at 212.334.9588 for more information.

Suzanna Dai Earrings for Michelle Obama

Suzanna Dai earrings worn by Michelle Obama.

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