BaubleBar Buried Bauble: Amazing Jewelry for $10!

Buried Bauble Icon

My favorite site for fashion jewelry, BaubleBar, has an amazing promotion going on for the holidays: 20 days of Buried Baubles–where one item on the site is secretly marked down to just $10–December 1st through the 20th! For today, I have hand-picked the best piece of jewelry to be marked down to the amazing price of $10. The catch? You will need to go on a high-tech treasure hunt to find the item to purchase, using the clue below. The results are worth it: total satisfaction of wearing (or giving?) the best buy of jewelry you’ll ever make!

How It Works

1. One item on the site is secretly marked down to $10. Think you’ve spotted it? Click in, and you will see a “Congratulations” message if you’re right.
2. Scroll down and click the Buried Bauble icon (pictured above) at the bottom of your screen to scoop one up for only $10.
3. Buried Baubles are limited to one per customer, and are not eligible for the $10 Off Welcome Coupon.

The Clue

The SKY is the limit, with these earrings that will CUSHION you in style!

Ready, Set, Go Shopping!

Get your Buried Bauble before they sell out!

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