Jewels for Japan: How Jewelry Designers Are Making a Difference

I don’t think I’m alone in having a sense of compassion and frustration while watching headlines from Japan. We all want to help, with at least some small human gesture, but it’s hard to know where to start. Obviously, the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund is not going to turn you down if you want to send some money, which can be turned into food, or housing, or any number of resources. You don’t HAVE to get something in return for helping, but if you donated some money, and someone sent you a pretty piece of jewelry in return, you probably wouldn’t turn it down, right?

So here are a few pieces from some very worthy jewelry designer friends of mine who are donating 100% of their proceeds from these lovely pieces to Japanese charities that can serve the people most affected by this disaster.

Shamila Jiwa Jewels for Japan Necklace, $45 Retail

Jewels for Japan by Shamila Jiwa

These are amazing vintage (circa 1960) carved lucite bead necklaces offered by talented jewelry designer Shamila Jiwa. She is donating all proceeds from the sale of these necklaces to the Japanese Red Cross. Each bead has its own character, and its own accent stones at the clasp of the 16 inch gold filled chain, including a tiny red bead to signify Japan. The handmade clasp alone is worth the purchase! Extremely light weight, and luxuriously tactile, the centerpiece beads measure about 1 inch in width. How to choose: the ivory and gold with the apricot pearl accents, or the grey and gold with the Labradorites–signifying new beginnings–at the clasp? Buy either or both: they sell for just $45 each, and remember every cent goes towards relief! Shamila can also make a donation for a portion of the sale of anything else in her collection, if you prefer something else on her website (her Labradorite jewelry is AMAZING!).

Shamila Jiwa Jewels for Japan Ivory and Gold Vintage Lucite Bead Necklace with Champagne Pearl and Red Seed Accents, $45 Retail

Shamila Jiwa Jewels for Japan Vintage Grey and Gold Lucite Bead Necklace with Labradorite and Red Seed Accents, $45 Retail

Shamila Jiwa Jewels for Japan Necklace Clasp Detail, Champagne Pearls, 22k Vermeil Clasp

The Jane Taylor Rella Pendant

Award-winning jewelry designer Jane Taylor let me know about this pendant in Sterling Silver on a black waxed cotton cord. The pendant, named Rella–the Singhalese word for wave–was originally created to help the victims of the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka. Sales from the original pendant helped to build an orphanage there, and 100% of sales from this pendant will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross. Lovely to look at and lovely in purpose, this is what jewelry is all about. Click here to purchase it for $43.

Jane Taylor Rella Pendant in Sterling Silver on Black Cotton Cord, $43 Retail

Joan Hornig Wave of Hope Pendant

Jewelry philanthropist Joan Hornig makes a difference every day with her jewelry collections that benefit a variety of charities, so it is no surprise that she has a special pendant with 100% of proceeds benefiting the charity of your choice, aiding those affected. The Wave of Hope pendant is crafted of Sterling Silver on a Sterling beaded chain, and sells for $60.80, which reflects the geography of the quake (6 miles inland, 80 miles off the coast of Japan). Buy one through Joan Hornig’s website here.

Joan Hornig Wave of Hope Necklace in Sterling Silver, $60.80 Retail

If you know of other jewelry that has 100% of proceeds directly benefiting a charity that can help on the ground in Japan, please comment and let me know! I can publish more in the coming days, they will continue to need help long after the media and short term attention has faded.

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