Jewelry Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Meus Designs

I get a lot of suggestions and submissions about new designers from a variety of sources. It’s what makes my job interesting. But every once in a while, I see something that makes me drop my boots off the desk (metaphorically, of course), sit up, and take notice. Meus Designs is an emerging designer that got my attention right away.

The creator of Meus Designs, Suneera Swarup, has debuted a collection that seems infused with the traditions and cultures of her native India, but utterly modern at the same time. She began designing as a young girl, starting first with textile design. This led to her exploring other surface mediums, until discovering jewelry. She finds inspiration in everything from the vibrant colors of India to an interesting Art Deco motif to music. Her textured, varied collections are all designed and handcrafted in her Los Angeles studio.

Meus Designs 18kt Gold and Blackened Silver Blue Sapphire Pave Teardrop Earrings, $3600 Retail

The Collections of Meus Designs

In the Influence Collection, black or brown diamonds and blackened silver metal stand in striking contrast to vibrant polished 18kt gold. Ancient symbols mingle, somehow cohesively, with Art Deco patterns and lines. There are pendants, suspended on layered leather cords, or strands made of gold, sterling and Ruby beads. Everything has an elegance to it, but looks like you could throw it on with jeans and be instantly glamorous in a strong, feminine way.

Meus Designs Small Framed Cross Ring in 18kt Rose Gold and .97 ct Diamonds

In her brand new collection, intriguing named Lure, Suneera has delved even deeper into playing with metal textures and colors. Deep, rich browns and blacks are highlighted with inlaid highly polished rose and yellow gold, or gleaming cabochon gems. There is definitely something suggesting mystery in this collection.

Meus Designs Lure Hoop Earrings in Blackened Silver with 18kt Gold and Cabochon Emeralds

Meus Designs also has a predominantly Sterling Silver line, named M Sterling. The jewelry in this collection incorporates similar motifs and textures as the other collections, but is crafted in silver, which makes it very collectible.

Meus Designs M Sterling Cross Ruby Ring

The Interview with Meus Designs Creator, Suneera Swarup Your shapes and motifs are totally original, as if you have been dreaming of these for years, and now the shapes are expressed in this precious jewelry. Does Meus have a specific Muse, something or someone you often use for inspiration?
Meus Designs: Originality is returning to the origin which is Nature. And nature never goes out of fashion. Aesthetic beauty rules our world in various fields, where form and functionality are inseparable. Meus is the synthesis of Art Deco, ancient traditions and eastern elements.

It sounds like you have a background in design, textile and other surfaces. What prompted your interest in jewelry design specifically?
I have always worked in fields involving color and creativity. In a larger industry, it is difficult to translate design work into actual products. With jewelry design, I feel I have a personal canvas where my design visions can be instantly realized. Plus, I have always had a love for jewelry, like most women do!

Meus Designs Stretch Bracelets with Peruvian Chalcedony and Pave Diamond Accents, $820, $6400, and $700 Retail from Top to Bottom

Did you, or do you, make any jewelry yourself as part of your exploration?

I love working with my hands, but my skills are limited when it comes to working with the torch. I am fortunate to have a wonderful skilled team of goldsmiths who help me realize my dreams and bring my designs to life.

What does your studio process look like? Do you have specific gems that you design around, or do you design two dimensionally first and then source the stones?
I work both ways – Looking for new, unique material with a design direction in mind and vice versa.

Meus Designs 18kt Gold and Blackened Silver Pink Sapphire Oval Ring, $2140 Retail

Your use of recycled materials is very responsible and also a bit rare. Can you tell us how you decided to pursue this path, even though it’s not so easy?
Recycling and optimizing resources started as a necessity, and gradually became a efficient system, which we are proud to follow. Having a daughter who is passionate about the environment always keeps us in line too. I guess for that reason, she could be called a Muse for Meus!

You recently introduced the Lure Collection, when can we see more designs? Any other collections you can give a hint about?
We have some new pieces that will be completed later this spring that we are really excited about for the Lure collection! They fit in well with the current collections but add a different dimension to the line, particularly in the red-carpet category. There will certainly be collections added to Meus in time, but right now we are focused on expanding Lure.

Meus Designs Carved Turquoise Weave Earrings in 18kt Gold and Blackened Silver

It’s a bit rare that a very new designer would get noticed. Why do you think your designs have resonated with celebrities so quickly after your launch?
I am truly flattered and thankful to everyone who has appreciated my work. I like my designs to be timeless and ageless. I want my jewelry to be passed on as heirlooms; pieces that will hold value and sentiment. I am hoping this is feeling is reflected in the designs and celebrities, being artists in their own right, identify with this feeling.

Meus Designs Emerald Hook Necklace in 18kt Gold, Blackened Silver and Faceted Emerald Beads and Pave

Thank you so much, Suneera, for your thoughts and insights! Meus Designs has shown amazing promise in its first collections launched just in the last year. The word meus translates to “mine” or “belonging to me”, and Meus Designs shows a very strong sense of self and identity in its collection. You can find Meus Designs at Nina at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Lissa Fine Jewelry in NY, and a few other select boutiques in the country: click here for a list. To contact Meus Designs about any of the jewelry you see here, visit

Meus Designs Serpent Earrings in 18kt Yellow Gold on Diamond Huggie Hoop

Meus Designs Stack of Bangles in 18kt Gold and Blackened Silver in Sophisticated Gem Colors, Most Styles Around $1000 Retail Each

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