Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Chocolate is fine, but with great chocolate available at most grocery check-out stands, is it really that special? An iPad would be great, but, I hate to break it to you, I think they’re getting that for themselves. Flowers are just so “I couldn’t think of anything involving planning ahead, so I picked these up on the way”. And don’t even think about the Breville panini press. Trust me on this.

Jewelry is just so superior to all of these options: no calories, and doesn’t die/wilt/require care and feeding. It’s romantic, personal, lasting, and might just invoke some emotions that you will be the happy recipient of. It’s WIN/WIN/WIN.

Here is a rundown of some of the favorites I have seen this season, and honey, these are not your basic hearts.

This heart pendant from Cheryl Lynn would definitely raise a pulse:

Cheryl Lynn 18kt Rose Gold Heart Pendant with 1.52 Ct TW Pave Diamonds, $3400 Retail, from Max and Chloe.

For the witty, geeky, and otherwise super cool recipient, this Heart Emoticon Ring by Wendy Brandes is perfect. Plus, you have add-on gift suggestions in the form of her LOLZ, OMG, NYC, and Swear Ring sets. Buy a couple sets and have fun making up naughty words or phrases:

Wendy Brandes Heart Emoticon Ring in Sterling Silver, $150 Retail.

This cuff bracelet from Max&Chloe is stylish, bold, but still sentimental with the openwork heart pattern:

Kris Nations 14kt Overlay Gold Heart Cluster Cuff, $80 Retail, Available from Max and Chloe.

A boost into Spring, these earrings from Dana Rebecca Designs are totally fresh and bright:

Dana Rebecca Turquoise Hearts set in 14kt White Gold with Diamonds, $880 Retail.

For a delicate twist on a sweet heart pendant, this sideways heart by Kara Ackerman is a precious, and still affordable gift. The chain is designed with loops to make it shorter, so it would work for someone quite young:

Kara Ackerman Lilly Diamond Necklace with .15 Ct TW Diamonds in 14kt, $150 Retail.

This one-of-a-kind necklace from Pamela Froman puts a Gothic twist on a romantic theme, with hammered 18kt in exotic alloys, a hand-cut Rhodolite Garnet, and an unexpected Tahitian pearl suspended from a handmade chain:

Pamela Froman Gothic Romance II, in 18kt with Rhodolite Garnet and Black Tahitian Pearl. Avail from Pamela Froman dot com.

Katrina Kelly makes a number of gorgeous, intricate charms that get a sentimental point across. I love how she hand picks vintage chains to go with the charms, it really adds to the piece:

Katrina Kelly Love Charm in 18kt on Vintage Chain, Avail from Katrina Kelly Jewelry dot com.

This silver necklace from Gemvara has a Yin and Yang, infinity and heart vibe all at once. It’s affordable, and best of all, the gems and metal you use are customizable, so you can personalize it to the recipient:

Yin Yang Pendant in Sterling SIlver with Gemstones by Ji Hwang from Gemvara, $151 Retail as shown.

For something pink and delicate, without being fragile, these earrings from CALEO would make a gorgeous gift:

CALEO Earrings Featuring Tear Drops set into a Radiant Circle, $2350 Retail, Avail from CALEO Jewelry dot com.

For a little edgy with your classic, C. Greene does a whole collection of black diamond pave hearts, in lockets, rings and pendants, available at Louis Boston, ikram, and Broken English Jewelry:

C. Greene Heart Locket Pendant with Pave Black Diamonds in 18kt Antique Finish White Gold.

There are many, many more jewelry ideas out there, but only so much space and shopping time. So get going, there’s only a few days left!

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