idazzle Exclusive: Martin Katz Jewelry at the 2011 Golden Globes

A little birdie told me last week that Martin Katz would have some amazing representation on the Red Carpet at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Being a Katz fan, this news made my day! Mark my words: Martin Katz should be, and very soon likely WILL be, a (fashionable) household name!

Last night, it was fun to be on official gem watch as the stars arrived on the Red Carpet, and then tweet live with other jewelry enthusiasts about the best (ok, and worst) ensembles. While admiring Claire Dane’s gorgeous cuff bracelet, the effusive diamonds of Sofia Vergara, and the unexpected old Hollywood glamour of Tina Fey’s Lorraine Schwartz earrings, I also kept my eyes peeled for Martin’s work.

And he did not disappoint, no less than four stars were dressed graciously in his jewels: Julie Bowen wore a stunning pair of rose-cut rich brown diamond studs, and a grey slice of diamond in a setting that channeled Art Deco with black and white accent pave:

Julie Bowen in Champagne Diamond Stud Earrings with White Diamond Micropave

Julie Bowen wore 5.11ct Rustic Gray Sliced Diamond Ring in 18kt White Gold with 4 Round Brilliant Diamonds and Micropave

Also wearing colored diamonds in sculptural cuts was actress Kelly MacDonald, in these stunning drop earrings, and a couple of lovely rings with micropave:

Kelly MacDonald Wearing Martin Katz Drop Earrings

Oval Orange Diamonds in 18kt Rose Gold Earrings set with 2 Pear Shape Rustic Diamond and Square Rustic Diamond (totalling over 40cts of diamonds)

Actress Gabourey Sidibe looked radiant in gorgeous color, especially the dramatic Amethyst and Diamond pave earrings:

Gabourey Sidibe in Martin Katz Amethyst and Diamond Earrings

Oval Cabochon Amethyst Earrings, 24.96 ct, in 18kt White Gold, Microset with 422 White Diamonds and 357 Amethysts (My Fav!)

Also making a more subtle, but no less wonderful appearance, was a pair of sophisticated Black Spinel and Diamond Cufflinks on Colin Firth:

Colin Firth's Cufflinks, 18k White Gold Black Spinel Diamond Corner Cuff Links

Martin Katz is not new to the Red Carpet: for nearly two decades, his designs have been beautifully represented by a number of celebrities. Among his devoted following are Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchette, Freida Pinto, and many more. Over the years he has dealt directly with people in his own home in Beverly Hills, or his exclusive showrooms in Beverly Hills and New York City. A select collection can also be viewed at Bergdorf Goodman.

idazzle Exclusive Interview with Martin Katz About 2011 Golden Globes Jewels

idazzle: You have been in the couture jewelry business long enough for your designs to go through some interesting transformations. Can you explain the inspiration and thought behind your current collection?
Martin Katz: Many of my current designs incorporate vivid colored gems in a spirited 1930’s contemporized look. I derive inspiration from Victorian jewelry, but use this concept in a simpler sense, which is embodied by my current collections. By surrounding large center stones with tiny multicolored stones such as green garnets, pink sapphires, amethysts and white diamonds, I am able to achieve this look.

Do you think that this collection and particularly the items worn, represent a larger theme for jewelry that we will see going forward?
MK: With the state of the current economy people have seemingly become more sensible, which has dictated a change in style. In terms of jewelry, pieces have become more colorful and suitable for every day wear. Obviously statement pieces will never retire, but it seems that they are taking a little break right now!

There seems to be an element of classic estate jewelry in some of your designs, suggesting old Hollywood glamour. How does vintage jewelry influence and inspire your current pieces?

MK: I began my career as a vintage jewelry dealer so my love for vintage pieces has always played an integral role in the design of my jewelry. I am always borrowing design concepts from the past to create my pieces for the present. Because of this, I like to say that my pieces have an old soul.

What kind of woman do you envision wearing your work? Do you have a specific muse?
MK: Women who wear my jewelry are typically self-confident and know what they like in design without being told. They are chic and stylish when they want to be, but do not feel compelled to always be perfectly coiffed. They admire art and have a deep appreciation for quality in all categories. My wife Kelly is my muse and is invaluable to me because she is a never-ending source of design ideas and insight as to what women want.

Martin Katz Opal and Diamond Ring with Amazing Pave

It seems as though you caught the jewelry bug early, with your fascination of how jewelry ornamentation affects people. Are you still captivated by that reaction? What else gives you motivation to keep creating?
MK: Having an artistic and “critical” eye is both my blessing and my curse. I am always observing how fashion and jewelry personify people. When it comes to the Red Carpet, it’s like a candy store of representation that all of us in the fashion world love to explore. Inspiration and motivation come from my wanting to create what others do not and finding a road less traveled when it comes to design direction. When the road fills with traffic again, I find it’s time to take a different route.

You have famously designed some non-jewelry ornaments, such as your 2007 wedding gown collaboration with Renee Strauss, and the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. What is your current focus in design right now, and does it go beyond jewelry?
MK: I am currently working on perfume bottles for a major fragrance group which will be announced sometime later this year.

I heard a rumor that you once walked the Red Carpet yourself :-)! Would you do it again?
MK: I once walked the Red Carpet alongside Sharon Stone, shortly after she starred in Basic Instinct. She proudly announced to the cameras that I was her jeweler, but in the early 1990’s the press wasn’t covering jewelry the way that they are today, or asking the questions they would today. If I were invited to walk the red carpet again, I would, but not by myself seeing as I’m not a celebrity!

Ha, I’m not so sure about that! Thank you so much Martin, for giving us your insight into jewelry trends and your inspiration right now!

About the Fabulous Jewelry of Martin Katz

Martin Katz’s first real experience with jewelry was selling sterling silver to other students in college, which grew into a larger fascination with the effect that jewelry had on people. His most recent designs are a mix of intricate micro-pave in colored gems arranged in randomly gorgeous, almost mathematical patterns, combined with luminous cabochon cut gemstones in spectral hues. Beyond the amazing gemstones, what is most impressive is the intricacy of the setting work and the way that the mechanics of the piece, like prongs and ring attachments, are transformed by setting skill into decorative pave. A signature collection that he is known for are his “Micro Bands“, where tiny gemstones of remarkably saturated color are set using a microscope, and can be collected and stacked. His other jewelry designs can be viewed at his website,

Martin Katz Cabochon Sapphire Ring with Pave Accent

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