Welcome 2011! New Year, more idazzle…

It’s another blank slate, this shiny new year, with the string of “Add New Posts” stretching before me. Before I embark on all my new ideas, half-formed and germinated during 2+ weeks of relative quiet, I thought I would reflect briefly on the previous year.

I want to humbly thank all the jewelry designers that I was able to interview in 2010. I loved getting a glimpse into the creative and fruitful minds of designers, whether they were solo artists laboring in their studios, or teams of creative minds and skilled craftspeople.

Wendy Brandes Heart Bezel-Set Ring

Wendy Brandes made me laugh and makes me think, pushing the fine jewelery world with her swear rings and teeny geenies.

Evelyn Huang was all about beauty and precision with her award-winning designs.

Leon Mege was a pleasure to meet in his storied penthouse studio where he and his team of platinum-smiths create some of the most amazing pave work I have ever seen.

The designers of Herndon Heald were as warm and interesting as their handmade jewelry crafted in their Austin and Santa Fe studios.

Herndon Heald Rose Gold Rings

Cheryl Lynn Greenspoon was a delight as she explained her tight, cohesive collections.

Christian Tse–part artist, part mad-genius scientist–was gracious as he took me through a creative tour of what goes through his mind while designing his truly extraordinary colored diamond and custom-gold creations.

Christian Tse Fancy Colored Green Diamond Ring

Lindsay Caleo gave me a small glimpse into her lovely and imaginative world where she creates small, wearable sculptures that are her jewelry designs.

Kara Ackerman wrapped up the year with a tour through her inventive collections, changing the landscape of affordable and creative jewelry.

Along the way, I also wrote about ring trends, awesome retailers like Greenwich Jewelers in NYC, and why it’s ok to reset your engagement ring. I couldn’t have done it without readers sending me comments and questions, and people pushing me to see beyond what is obvious.

One of my resolutions this year is to pay attention to story-tellers. Whether this is art, dance, film, literature, or my children, I want to be able to be still and listen. Thank you for letting me tell these stories.

Caleo Cloud Earrings in Labradorite and Gold

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