Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Jewelry Designer Cheryl Lynn Greenspoon

Cheryl Lynn Greenspoon has been creating a lovely collection of jewelry since 2007. After a number of years in the television production world, she left her job and began studying jewelry making. While learning the jewelry craft at workshops, Cheryl realized that her true passion was for jewelry as a career, and went on to study gemstones as well. In 2007, she launched her own jewelry collection, based on the demand and reception for her designs. I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Cheryl, her craft, and her inspirations recently, and thought I would share this wonderful designer with you.

Cheryl Lynn Aphrodite Necklace in 18kt Pink Gold and Black Diamonds, $3000 Retail

The Aphrodite Collection

Cheryl Lynn’s Aphrodite series was her first collection, and features sinuous lines intersecting in an open wire design. Some or all of the design, depending on the piece, is outlined in a precise line of sparkling diamonds, which gives emphasis to the delicacy of the curves and angles. My favorites in this collection are the station necklaces, which would look amazing layered up with other Cheryl Lynn pieces or something else from your own collection. The Aphrodite earrings are also lovely and quite distinctive, with the larger circle dangling and catching the light below the smaller round circle on the ear.

Cheryl Lynn Aphrodite Cuff Bracelet in 18kt Gold and Diamonds, $12,000 Retail

The Cheryl Lynn CL Collection

The Cheryl Lynn CL collection incorporates familiar shapes like circles, wavy lines, and open diamonds making a distinctive pattern across hoop earrings, rings, and–my favorite–cuff bracelets. The open shapes framed by rails of gold or diamonds create interesting negative space where skin almost becomes part of the design. I especially like the contrast of the white against yellow, or the black diamonds in the white background.

Cheryl Lynn CL Collection Ring in 18kt White Gold and Black Diamonds

The Hearts Collection

If you are a romantic looking for a fresh take on heart jewelry, you should check out Cheryl Lynn’s Hearts collection. These designs are clean and un-ruffled, but still express the sentiment with lots of style and energy. I especially like these heart rings that can stack and end up looking quite abstract.

Cheryl Lynn Double Heart Ring in 18kt Gold and Diamonds

The Interview How long were you working in jewelry before you launched your designs in 2007?
Cheryl Lynn: Making jewelry was always a hobby of mine. I’ve been beading since I was a child, but didn’t get into metals until shortly before I launched the company.

How did this evolve? Were you making jewelry for private clients and decided you had a collection?

Cheryl Lynn CL Collection Hoop Earrings in 18kt White Gold and Diamonds, $4000 Retail

We’re so glad you decided to change your career from TV producer to jewelry maker and designer! Did you have an epiphany at some point that made you decide to pursue jewelry full-time?
As much as I loved production it just wasn’t creative enough for me. I spend a lot of my down time beading and wirewraping and found myself happiest in those moments therefore decided to take it on full time.

Do you make the jewelry yourself at the bench? If not, where is it produced?
My jewelry is produced in New York. I used to make jewelry at the bench. I would start making things out of metal and get a basic design and then I would give that to a model maker to perfect. Now, I design everything on CAD and send the files to a casting company I use in New York, where my setter/finishers are as well.

My pieces are all manufactured in the US. Even my diamond dealers are based here. We feel we are able to achieve a higher level of quality in the US rather than off shore. Also, we get better and more accurate delivery times due to our control over the entire manufacturing process. This is something critical especially in the fine jewelry market.

Did you launch with just one collection, or all three of your distinct lines?
I launched Aphrodite Collection first.

Cheryl Lynn Aphrodite Cufflinks in 18kt White Gold, $1200 Retail

The circle motif in the CL collection is so familiar, yet you have re-interpreted this design. Would you call it your signature design?
Not really to be honest, I like to call the Aphrodite Collection my signature design because it was my first. However, basic shapes like the circles and hearts seem to be most popular, so these are more my classics.

Where did the inspiration for the Aphrodite Collection come from?
The Aphrodite Collection started with me taking wire and basically playing with it. I was creating shapes with it and soldering it in all different places. I knew I wanted to make a ring with borders on the top and bottom and a free form design in the middle, so I went with it and it was a success!

Cheryl Lynn Aphrodite Ring in 18kt White Gold and Diamonds, $2400 Retail

What made you want to re-interpret the heart motif?
A lot of people like hearts but don’t like them in jewelry because they find them very basic and boring. I just wanted to find a way to make them a little different so people will actually wear them.

Celebrities such as Zoe Saldana and Emma Roberts have been spotted wearing your designs. Is there a particular person you would love to see in your designs?
I am a huge Sandra Bullock supporter and fan. She has such classic, chic style.

Cheryl Lynn Stacking Wave Bands in 18kt Yellow, Pink, and White Gold

What’s in store for the future of Cheryl Lynn Jewelry?
Many more designs, staying true to my aesthetic but incorporating other interesting materials such as raw diamonds, wood and enamel. Watch this space!

Oh, we’ll definitely be watching! You can see the rest of her collection and contact her studio through her website. You can find Cheryl Lynn’s designs in person at a few retailers across the country such as Aspen Jewel Box and Nina at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA, and online at retailers Max&Chloe.

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