Beautiful Bezel Settings for Busy Women

It seems that every time I meet up with a group of busy women who know about my passion for jewelry, the talk turns to rings. Specifically, rings that are beautiful and don’t get in their way. No one wants to change their lifestyle for their engagement and wedding rings–the rings should fit what you need!

One setting style that can work for a lot of vibrant, active women is a bezel. A bezel is a lip of metal that wraps around the center stone partially or fully to hold the stone. This does a couple of things. First of all, it should hold the stone securely, since a higher percentage of metal (compared to prongs) is contacting the stone. Second, it protects all or part of the edge of the diamond, which can be vulnerable to damage. I know that a lot of people think diamonds are impervious, but they can be chipped or even broken if they are struck just right (it has to do with the atomic bonds being slightly less strong in certain directions). And finally, bezels just look cool and have a sculptural design aesthetic.

The Ultimate Bezel Setting? Wendy Brandes Gravity Engagement Ring can be custom made for your center stone.

Bezel settings may not be for everyone. It can cover a lot of the profile of the diamond, which some people really want to see. If the bezel isn’t constructed correctly, the diamond can still get loose and even fall out. And they can be hard to clean if the bezels are very enclosed. But when they are done well, bezels can be like women themselves: gorgeous, resilient, and brilliant!

Sethi Couture does some gorgeous bezel settings using Rose cut and fancy colored diamonds. These rings make a statement, but still have a classic element:

Gorgeous Bezel Setting Designs by Sethi Couture, featuring Rose cut and fancy color diamonds, starting at $3500 Retail

This designer, Lisa Krikawa, does some great bezel settings, all very customizable. This tri-color gold Mokume Gane setting has a simple, clean outline but lots of texture and interest:

Krikawa Mokume Cathedral Engagement Ring, starting at $2655 Retail

This innovative site, Gemvara, allows you to customize your jewelry purchase almost infinitely. This bypass partial bezel flatters many fingers and is incredibly wearable, available for different diamond sizes–or a rainbow of colored gems–in 14kt yellow or white gold, 18kt yellow or white gold, and platinum:

Gemvara Embrace Bypass Setting in 14kt Gold w/ center .57ct Round Diamond, $1493 Retail

Not into diamonds for your center stone? A bezel and a gorgeous colored gemstone can be a magical combination for a stand-out ring. This design is by talented designer and metalsmith Danielle Miller:

Danielle Miller Tsavorite and Diamond Bezel Set Ring

If a center stone is just not your style, there are lots of bands that use bezels beautifully. This Ritani design from Kranich’s Jewelry incorporates sleek bezels all around the finger for a distinctive–and wearable–look:

Ritani 31203BRP Platinum Eternity Band with Diamonds from Kranich's Jewelers, price and carat weight vary by finger size

What’s your favorite bezel? If you want to try on amazing bezel settings, contact me here and I can recommend a fantastic local jeweler to check out!

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