Ode to a Simple Wedding Band

In my recent interview with the amazing Wendy Brandes, she mentioned that she never wears jewelry around the house for reasons that she outlines in a blog post here. Which is funny, because I never wear jewelry around home either. So two people with jewelry as their passion and raison d’ĂȘtre both share a similar philosophy: jewelry is NOT, despite people’s persistent belief to the contrary, indestructible. It is made of precious metals that, while beautiful and lasting, are subjected to levels of force, stress, and even chemicals that can break them down.

But it’s not completely true that I don’t wear ANY jewelry around the house. The one thing I wear (mostly) constantly is a simple, narrow wedding band. It’s about 3mm wide in platinum, handmade by Charles Green. It is engraved with a vintage-y pattern that ties it in nicely with my platinum Art Deco 1930’s-era engagement ring and separate eternity band (also vintage) of sweet french cuts in a platinum channel. I have the three rings all stacked up on my finger, a look I personally love. (When I get a great manicure, I will post a photo). My rings, because of their age, are somewhat fragile, but frankly so are most diamond engagement rings. When I come home, off go all my rings, EXCEPT for the simple band.

Engraved and Milgrained Band from Tacori, Retail starting at $1560

If you’re married, I think there are some good reasons to get a simple, non-gem-encrusted band. It doesn’t have to go with your engagement ring. You don’t even have to wear them together. One ring-designing genius (and I do not use the term lightly), Leon Mege, advises strongly against wearing two or more rings together; he has written a treatise available here. I’m not sure you need to go that far, but having a simple band that you can don when you make dinner, or take the kids rock climbing, can extend or even save the life of your engagement ring.

18k Rose Gold Yvonne Twig Band, by Lila Boudreaux from E.E. Robbins, $695 Retail, actually $450, see comments below

Simple does not mean plain, dull or boring. It could have a nice shape, or be beautifully carved. It could have different precious metals combined or intertwined. I’ve shown some examples of lovely bands that also happen to be somewhat pragmatic. A ring like this can keep your gem-set rings intact, and keep your fingers from feeling completely naked.

Palladium Twist Band by Sholdt Design, from Greenwich Jewelers, $740 Retail

14k White Gold Delicate Leaf Wedding Band by Krikawa, $1580 Retail

In an era of over-the-top micro-pave on every surface of jewelry, I feel that the unsung simple wedding band deserves some accolades, too. It gives the eye a place to rest. Maybe I’m feeling particularly appreciative because my own simple band has spent 15 years graciously wrapped around my ring finger.

Sculptural 14K Yellow Gold Ring by Ji Hwang from Gemvara, $304 Retail

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