Celebrate Mom: Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

While I cringe a little at the nature of each new retail holiday replacing the last (February 15th? Sweep away that V-day merchandise and get the St. Patrick’s Day stuff out!), this is one Holiday that I can get behind. I mean, everyone knows that Mom needs one day she can put her feet up and be celebrated with dubious scrambled eggs and cold coffee (sorry, Mom). Once in a while, it might even be nice to give a small proof of your love and appreciation in a lovely piece of jewelry.

For Mother’s Day, I definitely prefer a more personalized, sentimental approach. This is a celebration of your family, not necessarily a time for worrying about total carat weights and relative inclusions. Here are my recommendations for beautiful meaning and solid value.

Personalized Jewelry

You can read a previous in-depth post about personalized jewelry you can create here. Personalized jewelry is ideal as a Mom’s gift because you can celebrate each child’s (or furry critter, as the case may be) name, initials, birthstone, etc. in one piece of (hopefully) beautiful jewelry.

The Grand Dame of personalized charm jewelry, Heather Moore put it on the map. You can find her designs online, or at some select retailers in the country. Great, timeless design and very customizable with all the charm options and add-ons. I also like her focus on using recycled metals.

Heather Moore Personalized Charm Necklace, Custom, Price Varies

Helen Ficalora has a simple and lovely approach to this charm necklace idea, kind of the hip momma choice. I love her metal finishes.

Lisa Leonard does a great job at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, her Family Tree necklace puts a nice spin on something that is appropriate for Mothers and Grandmothers. There are other very sweet design motifs, like “Laundry Line” and “Paper Lantern”.

Lisa Leonard Family Tree Necklace, $59 Retail

There are a lot of others in different price ranges and styles, outlined in my post here.

The Locket

Is there anything more sweet and sentimental than a locket? Honestly, this would be my first choice to receive as a gift. The locket is a beautiful and charming way of holding a loved one close to your heart (Aside from the Victorian obsession of carrying around dead people’s hair. That was creepy).

Here is a vintage-looking classic locket option by Monica Rich Kosann. She also offers an “eLocket” app that allows you to customize a virtual locket on an iPhone and send to someone.

Monica Rich Kosann Engraved Silver Locket from JR Dunn, $525 Retail

This would be the Cadillac (Mercedes?) of lockets. Charles Green and Sons make some of the most beautifully engineered lockets I have seen: substantial weight, nice hinges, and removable metal frames that carefully hold the precious photos in place. I’m showing a gold and diamond option, but they make a sterling version starting at $499. Available at fine local jewelers around the country, such as Pearlman’s.

Charles Green Adrienne Locket in White Gold with Diamonds, $2109 Retail

Charming Bracelets

Charm bracelets are one of those you-will-never-run-out-of-gift-ideas options, so it has some staying power. Get the bracelet and a charm representing Junior for the first Mother’s Day, and you are set for life! Every child, vacation, Holiday…

Fresh twist to this idea, I like Archive Jewelry’s aesthetic for their charms. You can order a “Mom” or custom charm instead of the “Granny” that’s pictured:

Archive Jewelry Charm Bracelet, $100 Retail

And of course, there’s always Tiffany and Co. and their impressive catalog of charms. What can I say? Tiffany does it well.

Of course, a handmade card, some flowers, and a heartfelt “Love Ya, Mom” goes a long ways. If you have a precious Mother’s Day gift idea, share it here! If you need ideas about where to go to buy a lovely piece of jewelry from a great local jeweler, click here and let me know.

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