idazzle Diamond Prices iPhone App is Now Free!

Exciting news–the iPhone Diamond Prices app we launched in November 2009 is now free! We look forward to helping even more people with researching a very competitive price they should pay in a physical store, and referring people who want to buy a diamond at that price to a reputable jeweler in their area!

Here are the details:

We designed the idazzle Diamond Prices iPhone application to help you make a very informed diamond decision at a local jeweler. Before shopping, or even at the store, you can use the nifty interface to instantly get the best price you should pay for a diamond at physical jewelry store, for FREE. While online diamond prices are easily accessible from your mobile device, until we launched this app, there wasn’t any information about what price you should pay at a physical jewelry store.

Click on the image to be linked to the iPhone App Store!

Click on the image to be linked to the idazzle Diamond Prices iPhone App!

Diamond Prices

We have prices for 4 diamond shapes, 7 carat weight sizes, 7 colors, 7 clarities, and 4 cut grades. We have carefully researched this database to be within competitive range of the best online diamond prices. If you pay our recommended price at a local jewelry store, you are getting a great deal.

Diamond 4C’s Information

You can also access our advice and information on diamond factors that influence price. We tell you what quality range to stay within so you end up with a gorgeous diamond, without overpaying for factors that aren’t essential.

Find a Local Jeweler

If you are interested in buying a diamond at the idazzle Price, but don’t know a jeweler in your area, you can send us a request from the idazzle Diamond Prices App. We are building a database of pre-screened, reputable jewelers who are interested in giving you the best service and the best value!

idazzle wants you to make the best diamond decision at a local jeweler! Check it out and tell me what you think…

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