Why Buy Local?

My husband recently got me a gift of jewelry from a great local jeweler, and it reminded me of all the reasons it makes sense to buy local.

He got to actually look around at a relatively large selection, and see the sparkle and feel the quality of the jewelry. He got to talk to a knowledgeable sales person who could explain some style and quality differences (I’m the Gemologist, he’s not). After he made his selection, a wonderful ring and cuff bracelet from Rebecca that he knew I had been coveting, they wrapped it beautifully.

Melrose Rose-Gold Plated Cuff by Rebecca, $390 Retail

Melrose Rose-Gold Plated Cuff by Rebecca, $390 Retail

It was before Christmas when he picked it out, so it sat under the tree for a couple of weeks. When I unwrapped it, it was gorgeous! But the sizes were not quite right, so it sat for another week until I could make it into the store. I was able to walk out with a smaller cuff right out of the case, but the ring had to be ordered in the correct size from the factory in Italy. Now it fits like a glove.

This is a good example of why you should buy local, especially for jewelry. You get to SEE and TOUCH the jewelry, instead of guessing the weight, feel and finish. You get to TRY IT ON and see how it fits you specifically. The fit of some jewelry items, like rings and earrings, are very dependent on your individual features. You get first-hand EDUCATION on QUALITY and VALUE, which is especially important when choosing an expensive item like a diamond engagement ring. If it doesn’t work, you can be measured by an expert and ORDER the correct size or HAVE IT SIZED just for you, versus taking guesses and the hassle and potential expense of sending something express and insured. The jeweler does it all for you, usually very graciously.

Most consumers don’t really think about this. But great jewelers probably do. That’s a lot of personal touch and inventory costs, which is why some prices might be a little higher at a local jeweler versus online. But if you really need guidance, great selection, and some follow-up service, it’s worth establishing a relationship with a local, reputable jeweler who is going to take care of you.

Drop me a line and let me know if you need help finding someone local to shop at, I’m happy to help!

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