Cellini Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

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Updated 4/9/2009:  Considering how much traffic this page gets (a LOT), I thought I should get some more information about these rings. 

I spoke to Danielle at the Cellini store in the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria in NYC (Cellini also has a store at 509 Madison Ave).  She said that the images of the rings are representative of what they can do with a diamond from their inventory or your own diamond.  OK, maybe not just ANY stone, the mountings work best with the shapes shown, a square Emerald cut or Oval.  Also, the center stone should be at least 3 carats, in order for the mounting to be proportionate.  It might just be too much metal with a stone smaller than 3 carats (see my post about Asscher cut diamonds here, there are some nice pave settings for diamonds smaller than 3 carats).  The retail for the setting is around $9500 in platinum.  A 3 carat Asscher or Oval shape around G color, VS2 clarity (my choice for best quality combination) will run around $35,000.  Cellini would be happy to help you find the right diamond, of course.  For what it’s worth, Danielle said that as beautiful as the photo is, the rings are really much prettier in person, she recommends trying one on if you’re ever in NYC.  

If you like this style, but you’re interested in a different shape of center diamond, you can check out their Spring 2008 catalog, there is another version on the cover of this catalog that could work for a Cushion or other shape center.  Click here to download.

Here’s a link to Cellini’s website, or call the very lovely Danielle at 212-751-9824.

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