Wouldn't it be great to shop at the Jewelry (Un)Store?

If someone I know needed jewelry, here is where I wish I could send them:

It’s a nice store, in a good location.  Not fancy–just comfortable and accessible.  A (non)salesperson greets you in a low-key way and allows you to look around unaccosted.  There are cases of jewelry displayed with TAGS VISIBLE, so you can see prices and details without having to ask for it.  There are easy-to-use computer kiosks where you can see additional items that aren’t physically displayed.  If you want to take a look at something and ask some questions, there are comfortable places to sit and talk with a (non)salesperson.  Maybe they offer you something to drink. 

The (non)salesperson is knowledgeable and friendly, without trying to stick something down your throat.  They tell you what their margins are, and shows you their items versus similar items online, so you know you are getting a good price.  They are absolutely no-pressure in their approach: they know they have great jewelry at great prices, and trust that if you are given honest, transparent information, you will make a great choice.

I wish I could say that a store like this exists.  If it does, I haven’t found it yet.  The Jewelry Industry in particular seems to cling to the old model of making purchasing information as opaque as possible, and they force you to interact with someone. 

Maybe in my spare time, I will open a store like this.

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