October, 2008

The Road to Happiness is Paved in Diamonds

For at least the past 5 years, jewelry designers have been sneaking small diamonds into unexpected places on engagement rings.  I think it started with the vintage-style designers like Jack Kelege and Michael Beaudry, who used accent diamonds and hand engraving to create new Estate-looking rings.  In the past year or so, it has reached a peak of covering […]

Internet Jewelry Buying – Are We There Yet?

A new survey released from Ad-ology Research offers some interesting insight into consumer influences of jewelry and watch purchases. According to their survey, nearly half of survey respondents said that a manufacturer’s or retailer’s website influenced their purchase of jewelry or watches. Especially effective were online videos, which for some watchmakers (check out a Tag […]

Markets Down…Diamonds Glitter

With the economic crises at hand, I figured this would be a timely place to start with my blog. I’m taking a break from burying cash in my back yard in coffee cans (just kidding, I don’t have coffee cans) and…